January 5, 2011

Diary of a Past Life with Shaymas Blarneystane

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He fill(s) ed their life

With unforgettable,

Unforgivable strife.

Twisted a secreted,

Samurai knife,

Till it bled.

Clotted deep red.


Out the [abusive] counter transference.

His dark [nightmare] landscape life.

Was instilled,

And filled


With undeniable muck and filth.

See cos he’d been gang raped

Made wild life (un) merry

In deepest County Kerry.

‘Twas no bowl of cherries

With his drunken pa

And sozzled, beer swilling ma.

He ferries

To the shebeen.


(in name only) to escape his madness,


To yet every corner of his psyche

Was filled chock to the brim with sadness.

His veins

Were injected with unadulterated badness.

As he d been made to pay,

He’d make sure he had HIS say.

Doesn’t reins


Stamp his little mark.

Bite and snip and nark.

Snigger, sneer.

Lecher, leer.

Jibe and jeer.

Snap & bark.

Rile & cark.

He’s a walking sin


What an all-time wheeze, a lark,


Smacking his oversized rubber lips.

He sips

His oversized [stolen] cappuccino,

Ready to up & at ’em……go!!!!

Copyright & ownership held @ lgw2011


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