January 18, 2011

Shaymas Blarneystane, oor wee man aboot Edinburgh toon

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Awww the pair little love,

Calls himself the above.

He thinks it sexy……fits his wee frame,

Like a proverbial glove.

Cos he just don’t like the name

Gies him a passel worth deal of shame.

Sure and begorrah & bejabers he don’t love

No sirree he dont dig

Being  christened J**n A*******y

The li’l Stig

Of the Dump

Took the hump.

His drunken ma

Slurred to his tinker pa

Wot about film star Alan Ladd

Now he was shair an awfy bad


I’m sure glad

He’s now dead,

Cos I’d jump his bones

If  Dublin’s not so fair a city

Didn’t throw stones.

At oor shite family!

Tar and feather

Nay matter the weather.

Lets name him Shaymas

Irish Gaelic

Sure do pick




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