January 29, 2011

Bent Coppers, courts, charlatans and the like in Edinburgh

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Is this to be my bane

In my unlucky life,

To own to despair and strife.

From (not only) an irish dwarf

A real pain.

But also a dublin copper

A couple of real stinking



Bloody Sunday

Ain’t got a look in,

When they bay

For my blood.

My name is now mud

With these two….’minds’

Like a midden bin.

What rare finds

Their mothers ought to have strangled


Them both

At birth.

I loathe

To mention names

Cos I’ll be [court] blamed.

Why do they come over here …sour bastards …own to no mirth.

(Nor intelligence, neither)

Theyre both a walking sin

Foeteses ought to have been binned.

Copyright held @ lgw2010



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